What is a Wedding Officiant?

Ca1As your Wedding Officiant, our “legal duties” include receiving and witnessing the consent of the intended spouses (you and your fiancée) and ensuring the legal formalities, and hence the validity of the marriage observed.
That’s a lot of legal-talk that says that our job is to carry out the state requirements that someone certified (a Notary Public or Ordained Minister) marries you and signs off on the marriage license. At South Florida Gets Married, we can provide anything for you from the civil service (elopement) just to make it legal to our specialty of creating and performing full custom wedding ceremonies.

What questions to Ask Your Officiant

1. Are you able to make this legal?  In the state of Florida, the only requirement that you must meet in order to marry people is to either be a Notary Public or an Ordained Minister. Our Officiants are generally both.

2. Will you take a meeting?  Absolutely! You wouldn’t book a DJ or photographer without meeting with them first and I don’t expect you to hire us before meeting us either. If you are located in South Florida or coming to South Florida, we will work with your schedule to find a time and place to meet that is convenient for you.

3. What will you wear?  We generally wear a black suit, pants or dresses, or a black judge’s robe over dress clothes. But if the ceremony is at the beach, or you would prefer that we wear something else, we are happy to match your style. If you have specific requests, there may be additional fees if it’s not in our wardrobes. But we are willing to accommodate your requests. It’s your wedding and we are in your pictures – we are open to your preferences.

4. Can you customize our ceremony?  We absolutely can and generally do customize the majority of the ceremonies we perform. Every couple is very different and deserves a ceremony that is just right for them.

5. Check your gut.  Does this Officiant make you smile? Do you feel comfortable with this person? Chemistry is very important between the Officiant and the couple. We can’t answer that for you, but after we meet in person or by phone or email, you will have a good idea of how you feel. We feel honored and privileged to be such a big part of your special day. We know if we get a chance to talk with or even without meeting, you will know how much we care and are the right people to have for the most important day of your lives! Please contact us for more information. We welcome your questions and the opportunity to speak with you.