Marriage License

Legal Age: 18
Blood Test: none
Other tests required: none
Residency requirements: none
Fee: $93.50 Cash or Money Order. $61.00 with Premarital course certificate.
ID requirement: Valid photo ID and Social Security. (Birth certificate if under age)
Who must be present to apply: Both Bride and Groom
Who must sign: Both Bride and Groom
Waiting Period: 3 days for all Florida residents, none for non-resident
Valid for 60 days
A Florida Marriage License is only valid for a ceremony within the state of Florida.
Once ceremony has taken place in Florida, your Florida Marriage License is valid in the United States and abroad.
If previously married know the dates of divorce or death. No documents required.

Name Change Information

If you are changing your name you should contact the following agencies after you have received your recorded Florida Marriage License back from the Clerk of Courts (typically takes 3-6 weeks):

Driver’s License: Contact your local DMV. Inform them you have changed your name and need the records to reflect the change.

Social Security: Call 1-800-772-1213, or visit for information.

Federal Income Taxes: Fill out your tax return using your new name. Social security should forward the information you filed with them regarding your name change to the IRS, so confirm the IRS received the information.

Passport: Visit for more information.

Don’t forget to contact other companies such as: bank accounts, investments, credit cards, insurance, legal documents, other bills and any other place your name is listed. You’ll need your Florida Marriage License to initiate these changes. Also, notify your employer so that your W2′s will be correct when they go to the IRS.

If you need help with your Florida Marriage License

Please call or e-mail us if you need any further assistance regarding your marriage license. If you are NOT a Florida Resident and need assistance with mail in service for your marriage license, please contact us for more details. But only non-Florida Residents can use the mail in service. Please call us to be your wedding Officiant, ceremony planner, or wedding concierge!