Do you know where the ritual “Something old, new, borrowed and blue” came from?

Do you know where the ritual “Something old, new, borrowed and blue” came from?

We all know weddings are covered in a shroud of traditions– but not many of us know the meaning behind these customs (much less where they come from). For example, do you know where the ritual “Something old, new borrowed and blue” came from? We have gathered some interesting things for you to know – so read on and find out more.

  • It is not known exactly when the actual tradition originated or where it came from. However, its first mention in print dates back to 1883 – and the custom may go much farther back than this. While most of the American brides know about the four items they have to gather and wear with them on their wedding day, a lot have forgotten that the end of the saying also mentions “a sixpence in her shoe”.
  • Wearing something old is meant to symbolize the bride’s past and her family, while wearing something new is meant to symbolize her future and her hopes.
  • Also, the “something borrowed” item should be borrowed from another happy bride and it is meant to stand for the current bride’s good luck in marriage.
  • “Something blue” also has a very powerful symbol behind it: loyalty, purity and love. For brides who pertain to the Christian faith, the “blue” can also be interpreted as a symbol of Virgin Mary.
  • As for the “sixpence in her shoe”, this part of the custom was used to bring prosperity to the newly-founded family. Probably due to the discomfort generated by this tradition, many brides have chosen to leave it aside and focus on the first four items only.

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